Say Farewell To Recurring Wall Damages With This Reliable Solution.

Our Wall mending Scream is a product specifically designed to repair small damages, cracks or holes in interior walls. It is a convenient solution for minor wall repairs, eliminating the need for tools, patching materials or professional assistance.


Premium & Perfect Repair: Wall mending agent is highly resistant to breakage, crack and water, fast drying and strong adhesion, making the wall smoother and more resistant to water. Powerful and provides you with easy and quick solution to repair damaged walls and professional results.

Safe to Use: The new upgrade wall patch repair kit is very safe, it does not contain formaldehyde. It is highly resistant to breakage, streak-free and waterproof. And the mending will be virtually invisible, then giving you professional-looking results.

Special Design: Humanized nozzle design, nozzle hose design, evenly control the output speed, do not cause waste, Drywall Repair Kit Perfect for small repair projects to give your walls a new look.

Easy to Use: Only a few simple steps can help you quickly solve various wall damage problems. one squeeze and after one scrape, easy to repair, directly apply to the damaged wall, without complicated operations, you can make the wall look brand new.

Widely Applicable: Wall repair ointment is good for repairing cracks, nail holes, holes, peeling walls, graffiti and stains on walls. can solve wall problems in homes, schools and offices. perfect for small repair projects.